We Love Roller Skating
We, a group of roller-skating lovers, skate for years. Bun’s 2020 is just a dream come true! We strive to bring physical entertainment, smiles and cheers to all our guests. Why do we love roller-skating? Let us count the ways. Roller Skating is a Year-Round Activity: It can be frustrating to plan a family-friendly activity and the weather ruins your plans. Why don’t you choose a weather-friendly activity that you can enjoy in a comfortable indoor environment? We are open every season of the year! Roller Skating is a Mood Booster: This fun activity is a great way to brighten
someone’s day. Did your little one have a tough day at school? Did you have a tough day at work? Come to the rink! We’re positive that you’ll leave with a smile on your face. Roller Skating is a Great Exercise: Have you been searching for an activity that’s fun and provides great exercise? Roller skating is your answer. It’s a great cross
training exercise, low Impact on your joints. And it helps you to burn 600 Calories an hour! Visit our skating rink today for a workout.


Check out the best roller skating rink in Hong Kong Bun’s 2020 prides itself on creating a safe space for skaters and families to enjoy skating and grooving to fun music no matter what age! Family Friendly We understand it’s hard to find a place that keeps your kids entertained, safe and active. Here at Bun’s 2020 we offer tons of skating fun! Helpful Staff Our staff takes pride in making your skating experience the best! Whether choosing a right pair of rental roller skates, or providing a few quick skating tips, we are here to
help! Discover the reasons why we love roller skating … and afterward, come try it for yourself!

We are working hard to
deliver joy, keep the memories of childhood roller skating alive for all ages!

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