Edo’s skating journey began nearly 10 years ago. Aggressive inline/Roller skate are her main items, she also loves Roller dance. She has participated in different performances as a skater: Music video, Advertising shooting, Drama, Roller Dance performances…

She actively participates in the promotion and development of roller skating culture.

Edo shares her passion and knowledge for recreational skating, roller dance.

Welcome all of you come enjoy her class




Bruce Swift

Love the speed of roller skating – 9 years of skating experience.

Started my inline roller skating journey in Brisbane, Australia and skated around different coastlines and long bike paths. After I found a roller skating rink in Australia, I started to speed in both inline skates and quad skates. 

After returning to Hong Kong, I even had a chance to learn artistic skating and roller derby. Now, I am one of the head referees for roller derby sports in Hong Kong. The most enjoyable feeling on roller skating must be the speed and the wind! I hope all of you, regardless of your age, can enjoy the fun of roller skating!




Tiphanie’s roller skating life started from doing aggressive inline skating in 2018, and shifted to quad skating in 2020. She has showcased performances as a skater in various commercial advertisements and films. 

To Tiphanie, the most enjoyable thing of roller skating is the freedom that you feel after you put on the skates.




Now studying at Baptist University, majoring in sports education, has three years of sports teaching experience, and has experience in guiding students with special educational needs. I am more knowledgeable in figure roller skating and aggressive roller skating, and I will mainly share the skills of figure roller skating.



We are working hard to
deliver joy, keep the memories of childhood roller skating alive for all ages!

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