We are dedicated to providing a year-round, comfortable indoor rink with training programmes -enabling all levels of skaters to develop in body, mind and spirit. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics, or looking to learn new skills, our coaches will be sure to teach you something new.Kids(age 7+) and adults are welcome. Come and join us now!

Regular Course

Basic on Skate

( AGE 7-14 / AGE 15+ )

The main objective of this course is to teach and introduce roller skating to new comers.

Student can learn roller skate in a progressive style from level 0 to 5, included 6 sub-categories:

– How to Fall & Stand

– Forward Gliding

– Advance Forward Gliding

– Turning & Stopping

– Backward Gliding

– Basic Tricks/Techniques

Once you have completed the beginner class, you may opt for the next level such as “Intro to Artistic” or “Intro to Roller Dance”.


Skill Up Level

( AGE 15+ )

Focus on improving forward skating, backward skating and transition between forward and backward skating. The coach will base on the students’ ability to provide training and guidance.

Requirement: basic forward skating

Intro to Roller Dance

( AGE 15+ )

Wanted to brush up your skating techniques and be able to dance on skates? Join us in Buns 2020 on wheels!

This class covered basic roller skate techniques and footwork for dance. Not only to polish your skating skills, but also relieve the stress by grooving on music with the skates.

Follow the beats, FUN guaranteed!

Basic Skills include:






Diamond……and more!

Basic Forward Skating & Toe-stop, or
Attended “Basic on Skates” at least once.

Roller Skate Dance (Open Level)

( AGE 15+ )

Students will learn footwork drills for roller dance, combos for skate dance jamming. Coach will analyze and break down the details of movements with students. It helps to improve the flexibility of skating footwork and polish body movement while skating. Remember to make yourself enjoy the music and ROCK that!

Skills include:






Crazy leg

Combos …. and more!


Forward & Backward Skating, Toe-stop & Bubble, or

Finished 5 lessons “Intro to Roller Dance”

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